A Look Back: The Most Reported Fraud Cases of 2013

At the start of each New Year it’s important to take a look back and learn from the past. It is often lessons from the fraud cases of the past year that can help business leaders protect their businesses in the future. Susan Salisbury of the Cox Newspaper has provided us with the most-reported type of fraud cases in 2013.

1. Fake check scams: The consumer is paid for work or an item he is trying to sell with a phony check and instructed to wire money back to the buyer.
2. Internet merchandise sales: Goods purchased are never delivered or are misrepresented.
3. Prizes/sweepstakes/free gifts: Requests for payment to claim prizes that never materialize.
4. Advance fee loans: False promises of business or personal loans, even if credit is bad, for a fee upfront.
5. Phishing/spoofing: Emails pretending to be from a well-known source ask consumers to

To find out more about the top fraud cases of 2013 and how to protect yourself go to Susan’s article at http://www.dallasnews.com/business/business-headlines/20140205-telemarketing-fraud-on-the-rise-as-scammers-find-ways-to-call-millions.ece


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