IRS – 2015’s Dirty Dozen Tax Scams

Phone scams, phishing, and identity theft topped this year’s IRS list of the “dirty dozen” tax scams, which the IRS has been releasing, one scam at a time, since Jan. 22. The one-scam-a-day approach allowed the IRS to explore each one in more detail. Here is the complete list:

1. Phone scams.

2. Phishing.

3. Identity theft.

4. Return preparer fraud.

5. Hiding income offshore.

6. Inflated refund claims.

7. Fake charities.

8. Filing false documents to hide income.

9. Participating in abusive tax shelters.

10. Falsifying income to claim tax credits.

11. Excessive claims for fuel tax credits.

12. Frivolous tax arguments.

According to the IRS, the most serious scams this year are phone scams, in which criminals call intended victims impersonating the IRS. Many times, the callers disguise the number they are calling to look like an IRS number and may threaten the target of the scam with arrest, deportation, or license revocation.


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