Mike Rosten to Co-Host Financial Fridays Today

This Friday our radio show will air live in Las Vegas on March 27th at 3 pm on KLAV 1230 AM or listen online. You can also go to www.PBTK.com on Monday to listen to our line up of great guests. Michael Rosten, CPA, a PBTK Principal and PBTK’s forensic accounting practice leader will be both the co-host and guest today in Scott Taylor’s absence.

Our experts this week include:

Dan Shaffer, CPA, ChFC, a nationally recognized financial advisor with Shaffer Asset Management (Greenwich, CT). Dan is a frequent participant with national business media presentations and author of widely circulated book “Profiting in Economic Storms.” Dan is a regular Fox Business contributor from New York City and experienced specialist within the financial markets.

Reg Baker, CPA is the former two-term Chairman of the Nevada State CPA Society. He now resides in Hawaii where he currently serves as a Partner with PKF Pacific Hawaii in Honolulu focusing on the SMB Pacific and Hawaii markets.

Michael L. Rosten,  a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, directs the forensic accounting and litigation services at PBTK, which includes fraud investigations. In this capacity, he focuses on sifting through financial transactions to resolve allegations or evaluate suspicions, interprets that transactional data and then organizes that information into easy to understand reports for use by counsel, or for presentation in a court-of-law.

If you have any questions about anything discussed on the show, or if you would like to be a guest, please contact Financial Fridays host Scott Taylor at staylor@pbtk.com or 702-384-1120. Scott W. Taylor’s tax practice focuses on services for a wide range of clients including real estate partnerships, limited liability companies, large and small closely-held corporations and not-for-profit organizations. He started with PBTK in 1992 and was made a Shareholder in January 2005. In addition to his tax work, he also provides services for business consulting, deal structuring, receivership and litigation support services.


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