CPAs: Criminal-Pursuing Agents (Journal of Accountancy)

Ronald L. Durkin feared for his life. That’s not something you would expect to hear from a CPA describing a meeting with potential clients. But these were not your ordinary clients. And this was not your ordinary accountant. Durkin was an FBI agent working undercover as he had a drink with known members of an organized crime group at a fancy restaurant in Los Angeles. The goal was to establish a business relationship between their crime ring and a faux accounting firm Durkin had established. If all went well, the meeting would be another step in building a case against the criminals. If something went wrong and Durkin’s cover was blown, he could find himself in mortal danger. “You had to be careful,” he said. “These were very bad guys.” All went well at the meeting until it came time for Durkin to pay the bill. Then something went wrong. Nearly very wrong. “By mistake I pulled out my personal credit card, instead of my undercover credit card, and started signing,” he said. “I then thought, ‘What am I doing?’ So I jumped up, went straight to the waiter, tore up the bill, and yelled at him that he charged us for something we didn’t order and that he needed to bring us a corrected bill.” Luckily for Durkin, none of his drinking companions noticed his mistake, and his undercover operation continued. It was not, however, the last time Durkin found his life in potential danger. – See more at:…


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